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We Want Cars
Don't Trade Your Car - - Get More For It

We Want Cars

Welcome to our site. We are here to serve you with your automotive needs. We are an automotive agency. Our main automotive interest is buying and selling vehicles we secure from public purchase. We were tired of dealing the old way. We found that the dealer was keeping the nice cars and selling us the rest, some good and some bad. With this in mind we would pay a little more for cars and deal directly with the public buying trades before they become trade-ins.
That is our plan and thus the name; wewantcars.

Sell us your vehicle

Trading your vehicle to a dealership is an ordeal at best and can be quite frustrating. Do you really know its value? Probably not since the trade value is intertwined with the purchase price. Why not take the trade out of the deal just like the experts suggest.
We will buy your car outright- no need to purchase
We pay more for your trade-in
We make it as hassle free as possible
Purchases are usually fast and easy
We will come to you

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Buy one of our fine vehicles

We also sell our vehicles to the public. Purchasing these fine vehicles direct from the public gives us the piece of mind to be confident we are selling a great product. We can sell through retail lots, public auctions and on the internet. Please contact us with your vehicle needs. Most of the time we can help with our inventory or our large network of affiliates

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  • We buy direct from the public
  • We sell retail and wholesale
  • we sell through auctions around the country
  • We sell on many internet sites
  • we refer buyers and sellers to our network affliates


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